PUNTUALE micro-enemas

Puntuale micro-enemas with Propolax.

Laxative based on natural extracts and sugar components with a protective and soothing action on the rectal mucosa. Useful to combat constipation-related ailments, irritation and inflammation. Puntuale contains Propolax, a complex rich in monosaccharides derived form white grapes specifically selected and treated, enriched with the polysaccharides fraction of aloe and marshmallow.

The complex also contains hydroglyceric propolis, which has a hydrating action on the rectal mucosa.


Adults over 12 years of age: 1 micro-enema 10g as needed. In case of persistent constipation apply 2 doses simultaneously.


10 g (6 single-dose micro-enemas)

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*Pursuant to the New Guidelines on Health Disclosures concerning medical devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and medical and surgical instruments issued by the Italian Ministry of Health on 28/03/2013, we hereby inform you that the information contained herein is aimed exclusively at professional operators.

Clinical studies
A clinical study on this product was conducted with 20 patients.

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