Orasiv & Odontovax

Two historical lines of products for oral care and hygiene

We believe that health is an holistic concept, to be preserved taking care of every side of our well-being, cutting out any imbalance since the beginning.


Products for oral hygiene and dentures care

Orasiv and Odontovax, two historical product lines exclusively distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacies, whose brands are recognized by consumers as premium quality oral care products.

Orasiv e Odontovax

Prevention, treatment and care of daily oral hygiene

A line developed in 1996 in collaboration with the dental clinic of the University of Perugia and since then a reference in pharmacy to treat gum disease and dental hypersensitivity. Odontovax line includes toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes for specific needs of daily hygiene.

Odontovax products

Dentures hygiene and care

A complete line of Medical Devices, clinically tested to reply to any adhesiveness and cleaning needs on dentures daily care. Orasiv line includes cream and powder adhesives based on natural ingredients and effervescent cleaning tablets with antibacterial action.

Orasiv products

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