We are always at your side; product development, quality control, authorisations and certifications required for sale, distribution, and marketing strategies. Whether you have a clear idea of what you desire, or you need our expert advice, we will understand you requirements and answer all of your questions.
The in-house management of the entire process, from the purchase of raw material to the finished product, allows us to be extremely flexible: We can customise the offer and our services especially for you.

product development and formulations

We handle your products with the same care that we dedicate to our own.
Our R&D department cooperates with you from the beginning to fully understand and deliver your requirements.
The know-how that we have acquired for the creation of Nova Argentia products is made available to you.
This is the heart of our work; we believe that research and development is essential to adapt to an increasingly demanding and evolving market.
The constant monitoring of scientific publications and the participation in national and international exhibitions and congresses ensure the continuous update of our technical staff.

A dedicated staff,
for all your needs.

quality is important

Guaranteeing the quality of our and your products is of the utmost importance for us.
This goal guides us in each and every phase of our work and is a guarantee of the well-being of the people who trust in Nova Argentia.
We carry out checks on all materials and ingredients that enter our production plants and on the finished product.
In order to provide the market with products which comply with all applicable certifications and requirements, we work in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices that protects consumers and the environment.
The guarantee the compliance of our plants and processes through GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO (ISO 13485 for medical devices) certifications.

regulatory affairs

Offering regulatory services which guarantees that the finished products comply with all applicable national and international regulations is fundamental.
Our Regulatory Office follows the procedure required to obtain the marketing authorisation (A.I.C.) and draws up the chemical-pharmaceutical file in CTD format. Moreover they maintain and keep all marketing authorisations up-to-date. They assess corporate documents for conformity and prepare the technical documentation for the changes needed to maintain the production sites authorisations.
In addition, the regulatory office also ensures the preparation of the technical documents for medical devices and the notation of food supplements, according to the applicable regulations in the country where the products are marketed.
We serve more than 4000 pharmacies
and para-pharmacies,
distributing through a widespread network
throughout Italy.

marketing and sales

Your market is ours as well, so we know it well.
We study it, we analyse trends, we continually search for developments and commercial opportunities, we develop strategies and we test sales policies. We work on our products in Italy and around the world, expanding our expertise and enabling us to offer you concrete advice and strategies focused on specific product types and geographic areas.
We make our expertise available to help you build a consistent and effective business policy.

distribution channels

Distributing and marketing a product can be easier than it seems.
Our three main distribution channels in Italy are: pharmacies and para-pharmacies, hospitals and community centres and mass retailers. In particular, we directly cater for the pharmacy channels through a direct network of agents which is widespread nationally and is ready to work for you as well.
At the same time, we sell our products worldwide, operating in three continents (Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East), in more than 25 countries. We are assisted by our partnership with Medexport Italia (Consortium of Italian Pharmaceutical Industries), by means of which we can offer you valuable support in all export activities.


We also follow the product after its production, by taking care of storage and warehousing. Our storage and warehousing facilities for raw materials and finished products have air-conditioning systems to control temperature and humidity which can guarantee the optimal conditions for the storage of goods, in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our pipeline, which is entirely “made in Italy” and managed exclusively with long-standing partners of proven reliability, enables us to control the timing of distribution and guarantee supplies.