IALO-PRO®-based GEL for the treatment of haemorrhoids and anal disorders. NOVA.H is handy, hygienic, single-use and easy to transport, and was designed to cover the anal mucosa with a protective film (barrier effect), thus quickly exercising a mechanic action on the anal venous plexus.
The gel, which is based on IALO-PRO®, a complex of hyaluronic acid with Aloe, Butcher’s Broom, Horse Chestnut and Hydroglyceric Propolis, creates a protective film that can reduce the painful symptoms of haemorrhoids. The sugar components of the gel soften faeces and have a lubricating effect, thus reducing rubbing.

  • cortisone-free
  • preservative-free

Apply one single-dose tube as needed, up to 3 tubes daily.


6 single-dose tubes with nozzle - 5 ml

  • 940481839

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