Nova31oli is a blend of pure and natural essential oils extracted from 31 carefully selected plants; it is alcohol-free, non-greasy and dries quickly.It is refreshing, invigorating, balsamic, revitalising, firming and reactivating, as well as effective for the treatment of many different ailments due to is versatility.

  • paraben-free
  • silicone-free

NOVA.31oli can be used daily in various situations.

MUSCLES: Massage about ten drops onto the area to be treated

FACE: 3 drops of oil in hot water for vapour bath

ORAL HYGIENE: 2/4 drops of oil in half a glass of water for oral rinses

HAIR: 5/6 drops to revitalise the hair and combat dandruff

SKIN: Massage the body with a few oil drops to soften the skin and combat stretch marks. Ideal also after shaving

FEET: Add 5 drops to the food bath water.


100 ml

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