We believe that health
is the most precious asset

Health is the most precious asset worldwide.

We are firmly convinced of that and we play our part with our commitment to protecting the health of all humans and that of our planet.

research and development
of products to protect
human life

Food is nourishment for our body.


Science is nourishment for our mind.

We care about your health: We don’t just produce drugs, we are fully convinced that the real “cure” for well-being is the way we live our life, following a healthy lifestyle and a correct diet.

nature and science are at the heart of our formulations

Through the scientific method, research protects us and the planet.

Science is an essential instrument to create products that can play a key role in protecting the health of human.

The beauty of nature is our inspiration in creating products that combine users’ well-being and the protection of life in a broader sense.

The pharmaceutical company is an ally in the protection of health.

We have developed drugs for your health since 1947


Nova Argentia was established in Milan in 1947 as a galenicals laboratory and grew from a small family business founded by forefather Erminio, to a big company employing over 100 people.

These 70-year-old solid entrepreneurial traditions were supplemented by a young and qualified management, who see innovation in the development of drugs, medical devices and food supplements as a key objective to ensure growth.

The company’s products are manufactured in 3 plants in Italy and are distributed throughout Italy and in more than 25 countries worldwide.

  • Administrative headquarters
  • Executive offices
  • Quality Department and Regulatory Office
  • Research and Development
  • 2 production plants
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Microbiological laboratory

The company’s entry in the AEFFE Farmaceutici Group in 2013 enabled us to acquire greater know-how and increase our production capabilities, which resulted in the expansion of production to include supplements. This key transition allowed the group to meet the market’s needs and to respond to the growing demand for the protection of health and well-being in everyday life and the prevention through nutraceuticals.

  • Executive offices
  • Quality Department and Regulatory Office
  • Research and Development
  • 1 production plant
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Microbiological laboratory


We like working together

In seventy years of business we grew and learnt a great deal, all of this experience is now at your service.

If you are pondering on developing a new product, if you are looking for a partner to produce a new line (from drugs to supplements) we can work together to meet your needs.

We can support you in each phase; product design and development, regulatory, marketing and widespread distribution.

suppositories and ovules

Single-dose semisolid preparations.
Suppositories and ovules

oral solid dosage forms

Oral solid dosage forms.
Coated, effervescent, soluble, gastro-resistant, modified release tablets.
Powders and granules.

micro-enemas and enemas

Preparations in liquid form for internal use.
Enemas and micro-enemas to treat mild or severe intestinal ailments.

solutions and liquids

Preparations in liquid form for internal and external use.
Syrups, solutions, suspensions, emulsions for oral use.


Semisolid preparations for internal or external application.
Creams, gels, ointments, lotions.



We start from your needs to develop a customised product. Our R&D departments will propose the most innovative solutions.


All of our production lines operate in compliance with GMP standards and the highest quality standards in order to ensure the consistent and controlled production of excellent products at all times.


Complete management of all technical documentation necessary to guarantee the registration of products, drugs, medical devices and food supplements, in accordance with the applicable regulations of domestic and foreign markets.


We have the expertise needed to distribute and market your products in Italy and worldwide; market intelligence, customised strategies per product and geography, logistics and marketing.


100% of Nova Argentia’s production takes place in Italy, and we are proud of that: drugs, medical devices and food supplements catering for the most diverse needs.


We want to make your everyday life easier by helping you combat mild and severe ailments that jeopardise you well-being. We do so through a wide choice of food supplements and medical devices: Products based on natural extracts with unique formulations, deriving from an meticulous selection of raw materials and from monitoring and analysing the latest scientific studies.


Since 1947 we’ve offered our line of SOP’s and OTC’s based on one or more active substances. We have AIFA authorisation to market more than 50 medicinal products.


A set of preparations useful during different times of the day, whose characteristics comply with the Official Pharmacopoeia, i.e. the requirements established according to specific standards set by the official supervisory body of the Italian Republic.


A comprehensive list of ready-for-use para-pharmaceuticals for all every-day needs and galenicals to meet the pharmacists’ requirements.



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